What is the difference between a standard and extreme drop kit?

Our ready to install, out of the box coilover kits provide moderate drop and comfortable ride while still increasing roll resistance and overall handling. Our extreme drop kit gives approximately 1” more drop than our standard kit, and sometimes (but not always) includes stiffer spring rates.

How do you order an extreme low kit?

To order an extreme low kit, once you have placed your Coilover Kit in your cart, navigate to the Custom Builds and Upgrades Category in the Store then place the item “Extreme Low” in your cart. If ordering through an Authorized Reseller, simply request extreme low when placing your order.

What is a full custom kit, and what does it include?

One thing that sets BC Racing apart from our competitors is that we offer custom options with our kits. When spring rates are changed we also valve the damper to match the spring rate. For extreme low we use shorter springs, shorter dampers, or both depending on the build.

Should I order custom spring rates?

Custom springs rates should only be used when you have already experimented with our standard spring rates of if your build requires stiffer spring rates for other reasons such as; certain track conditions, other supporting mods, or aggressive wheel setup in order to minimize rubbing.

Am I ordering a full kit?

Yes, all BC Racing Coilover kits come with 4 coilovers, one for each corner of the car. Not all BC Racing Coilover kits come with top mounts so some kits will require the use of OEM top mounts.

How much higher can I go in spring rate if I already have a kit?

You can go up 2kg or down 2kg in spring rate. Exceeding 2kg in variation requires a damper valving change.

What is the min/max lowering for both standard and extreme kits?

Our standard kits are approximately 1” below OEM ride height at max high, and approximately 2.5-3” below OEM ride height at max low. Extreme drop kits are approximately 2” below OEM ride height at max high, and are approximately 4” below OEM ride height at max low, depending on the coilover kit.

What spring rates should I order?

Custom rates should only be used in very specific circumstances such as track only vehicles which have much different weight distribution, very large low tread wear tires, trying to add, or reduce a certain handling characteristic, or for very tight fender to lip fitment.

Do BC Racing Coilovers come with a preset ride height out of the box? What about damping?

BC Racing coilover kits are spec’d out of the box for a moderate drop, and just above mid-range damping. These are good all around settings, but are completely adjustable by the end user to support his or her end goal. Pre-load is already set out of the box.

What’s the highest spring rate I can get?

The highest spring rates available will vary depending on the vehicle. Please contact our sales department with your chassis code: 321-206-6381.

What are on-center and off-center BMW E36, E46, Z3, Z4?

When ordering an E36, E46, Z3, or Z4 kit please make sure to determine whether you have on-center or off-center top plates before ordering. We make kits for both on-center and off-center top plate vehicles. We also offer camber/caster plates for many of the vehicles that use off-center top plates.

What is a “weld on” kit?

Some vehicles (for example, E30, Q45, 240Z/260Z/280Z) require welding of the lower mount to the knuckle because the OEM design is one unit. We include instructions but a professional must perform installation.

What is the ride stiffness compared to OEM?

BC Racing off-the-shelf kits use 15-20% stiffer springs and 20-30% stiffer damper valving than OEM suspension. The reason for this is our suspension units are shorter to allow for the lowering capability as well as a broad adjustment range.

What size are lock rings/top nuts/spanners etc. my car?

Lock rings, top nuts, spanner wrenches etc. vary from kit to kit depending on the vehicle. To ensure the right size/spec for your chassis, please call 321-206-6381 or e-mail our sales department at sales@bcracing-na.com.

End links are generally required when the sway bar mounts to the shock body. The sway bar mounting tab is generally much lower than the OEM mounting tab which requires the use of a shorter end-link. We include end-links in all kits that require them. If we do not include them they are not necessary.

How long does it take to build a custom kit?

Custom kits require a 2-3 week lead-time to be built. We are the leader in custom coilover kits and have a very fast turn around time compared to other coilover companies.

Should I get an alignment after I get my BC Racing Coilovers installed?

We highly suggest an alignment after initial installation or major height adjustment, as changes in ride height will affect your alignment. We recommend you get an alignment after roughly one week of daily driving the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in increased tire wear.

Should I get my car corner balanced?

Corner balancing is a great way to dial in your car’s suspension and get the most out of your coilovers but it is not necessary. Corner balancing is really only useful for drivers who plan on heavily tracking their vehicle or are installing coilovers on a fully gutted and caged race car.

Are BC Racing Coilovers suitable for track use?

BC Racing Coilovers are designed with track use in mind. Off-the-shelf kits are tuned for a happy medium between street and track, but can be customized for heavy track use on a track-prepped vehicle.

How long does shipping take once they leave BC Racing’s warehouse?

In stock kits generally ship within 24 hours, out of stock kits require a 2-3 week lead- time.


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